Indochina, the adventures begun!

The land of spinning wheels!

Hop on your scooter, bike, bicycle, tricycle or push cart. Catch your bus, train or airplane. And travel to the land of crazy, beautiful…

That will be the tagline for an article I will write on Indochina/South East Asia. Because ,in essence it sums up the true travellers experience which I have partaken in so far during my 16 days of being in Vietnam. ( minus the train).

From riding and falling off my first scooter in the island paradise of Cat ba, to kayaking amongst the famous fantastical floating giants near Ha long bay. Then, trekking through the peaceful ploughed rice paddies of the Sapa mountains, and bussing over 14 hours to the fortress central city of Hue.

And finally, most recently, meeting up with my great gallivanter of a father and cycling the coastline of Da nang to the massive cloud white Buddha statue of the mountains, followed by a joyful bike journey to the ancient town of Hoi an and beyond into the bomb blasted Cham ruins of Mi son.

It just seems to me that whatever means of transport you use, wherever you go and whoever you meet, there is nothing quite like the travellers journey.

You make the rules, you determine your daily doings. To travel, truly travel, is to escape the system, to break the circle that usually governs everyday life.

And that is why I will write that tagline an article I will write on Indochina/South East Asia, to act as a mission statement, a proposal, a dare to all who read it. Because revving that bike,peddling that bicycle or gazing out the window of that bus as you flow down that unknown road towards that uncertain city/town/village/land known as adventure, it is one way to thoroughly experience life, perfectly…

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    You have done so much since, time to update. update

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